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LOVE JACKED Inner City Films/Spier Films, Director: Alfons Adetudyi

                                 *2018 BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE, PAN AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL*

THE SKYJACKER’S TALE Cave 7 Films, Director: Jamie Kastner

(1970-80’s Docu-Drama )

THE SECRET DISCO REVOLUTION Cave 7 Films, Director: Jamie Kastner

(1970’s Docu-Drama )

THE SHORTCUT Happy Madison, Minds Eye Entertainment, Indigo Motion Pictures, Leomax Entertainment / Exec Prod. Adam Sandler, Kevin DeWalt & Simon Edery / Prod. Scott Sandler / Dir. Nicholaus Goossen

(1940’s – Contemporary)

JULIE WALKING HOME ImX, The Film Works, Art OKO Film, Studio Film One / Dir: Agnieszka Holland


TART Green Moon Productions / Interlite / Exec Prod: Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas / Dir: Christina Wayne

(Contemporary NYC)

DINNER AT FRED’S Paragon/Handmade Films / Exec Prod: J. Todd Harris / Prod: Jon Slan / Dir: ShawnThompson


DOG PARK Accent Entertainment/Lionsgate Films / Prod: Susan Cavan / Dir: Bruce McCulloch


HOUSE Water Pictures/Alliance Releasing / Exec Prod: Colin Brunton / Prod: Karen Lee Hall / Dir: Laurie Lynd


MALICIOUS Keystone Films / Exec Prod: Michael Strange / Prod: Robert Vince, William Vince / Dir: Ian Corson


PARIS, FRANCE Alliance/Lightshow Productions / Prod: Eric Norlen,Jerry Ciccoritti / Dir: Jerry Ciccoritti

(60’s -Contemporary)

HURT PENGUINS Cold Feet/Norstar Releasing / Prod./Dir: Myra Fried, Robert Bergman


DEEP SLEEP Festival Films / Prod: Michael Lebowtiz / Dir: Patricia Gruben


FOR LOVE & HONOR Hallmark / Prod: David Anselmos; Dir: Laurie Lynd

HELLO IT’S ME  Hallmark / Whizbang / Exec. Prod: Jon Eskenas; Dir: Mark Jean


THE GOOD WITCH 10 x 1 hour for Hallmark / Whizbang / Prod: Jon Eskenas, Craig Pryce, Frank Siracusa, Andrea Raffaghello


THE GOOD WITCH’S WONDER Hallmark / Whizbang / Exec. Prod: Jon Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Andrea Raffaghello, Dir: Craig Pryce

(Contemporary)               *2014 DGC NOMINATION FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN*

THE GOOD WITCH’S DESTINY Hallmark / Whizbang / Exec. Prod: Jon Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Manny Danelon, Dir: Craig Pryce


THE GOOD WITCH’S CHARM  Hallmark / Whizbang / Exec. Prod: Jon Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Manny Danelon, Dir: Craig Pryce


THE GOOD WITCH’ S FAMILY Hallmark / Whizbang / Exec. Prod: Jon Eskenas, Frank Siracusa, Prod: Thom Pretak, Dir: Craig Pryce


MULRONEY: THE OPERA Rhombus Media / Prod: Jessica Daniel Dir: Larry Weinstein


DOUBLE WEDDING Lifetime / Dir: Craig Pryce

(Contemporary NYC)

TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD STARLET  Lifetime / Exec Prod: Barbara Lieberman and Jon Maas / Prod: Mark Winemaker / Dir: Tim Matheson


MORE OF ME Lifetime / Jaffee Braunstein Films / Exec. Prod: Andrea Simon / Dir: Daisy Mayer


INTIMATE STRANGER Lifetime / Blueprint Pictures / Exec. Prod:Jim Head, Noreen Halpern, John Morayniss, Dir: Bert Kish


A GIRL LIKE ME:THE GWEN ARAUJO STORY Lifetime/Sony Pictures / Exec Prod: Zev Braun & Philip Krupp, Dir:Agnieszka Holland


HEYDAY Triptych Media/Pope Productions / Prod: Anna Stratton, Robin Cass, Paul Pope / Dir: Gordon Pinsent.

(1945)                        * 2006 GEMINI NOMINATION FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN *

SIBS Sienna Films/CBC / Prod: Jenifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny / Dir: Laurie Lynd

(1960’s – 2000)

WILD CARD 18 X 1 hour for Lifetime/Fireworks / Prod: Bernie Lechowick, Lynn Marie Latham


FAST FOOD HIGH CTV / Prod: Susan Cavan, Paul Brown / Dir: Nisha Ganatra


BLOBHEADS Decode/CBC / Prod: John Delmage

(Contemporary, live action/animation)

ZACK FILES Decode/Fox Family/YTV / Prod: John Delmage


BREAKFAST WITH DICK & DOROTHY PaxTV / Prod: Fred Silverman / Dir: Eleanor Lindo.


A TOUCH OF HOPE NBC / Prod: Ken Kaufman, Clara George/ Dir: Craig Baxley


DEEP IN MY HEART The Konigsberg Co./CBS / Prod: Frank Konigsberg, Chris Sacani / Dir: Anita Addison

(’60’s – ’90’s)

MILGAARD BarnaAlper/Alliance/CTV / Prod: Laszlo Barna / Dir: Stephen Williams

(’70’s – ’90’s)                    *1999 GEMINI AWARD FOR BEST FILM*

PIT PONY Cochran Entertainment/CBC / Prod: Andrew Cochran, Dir: Eric Till

(1900 / Coal-mines)         *1998 GEMINI AWARD FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN*

THE NEW GHOST WRITER Children’s TV Workshop/CBS / Prod: John Delmage, Ned Kandel


GROUNDLING MARSH Portfolio Films/Disney / Prod: John Delmage;


FLASH FORWARD Atlantis/Disney / Prod: Daphne Ballon, Jan Peter Meyboom


THE LEGEND OF GATOR FACE Ministry of Film/Showtime / Prod: Patrick Whitley, Alan Mruvka, Marilyn Vance / Dir: Vic Sarin


FATAL VOWS Republic Pictures for CBS / Exec Prod: Karen Danaher-Dorr, T. Hill,D. Hill / Supervising Prod: Julian Marks/ Dir: John Powers


THAT SCATTERBRAIN BOOKY Atlantis Films / Prod: Larry Raskin, Dir: Peter Moss


LETTER FROM FRANCIS Atlantis Films, Prod: Daphne Ballon /Dir: Jane Thompson


ROAD TO AVONLEA II 13 x 1 hour episodes for Sullivan Films/Disney/CBC / Prod: Trudy Grant, Kevin Sullivan.


SQUAMISH FIVE CBC / Prod: Bernard Zukerman, Dir: Paul Donovan

(1980’s)                        *1989 GEMINI NOMINATION FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN*

AND THEN YOU DIE CBC / Prod: Bernard Zukerman/ Dir: Francis Mankiewicz

(1980’s / Crime-world)

WAR BRIDES  CBC / Prod: Bill Gough/ Dir: Martin Lavut; (Co-Designer with Barbara McLean)

(1940’s)                        *1981 BIJOUX AWARD FOR BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN*

DREAMING OF A JEWISH CHRISTMAS Riddle Films/Prod: Jason Charters & Liam Romalis Dir: Larry Weinstein

CITY LIFE FILMS (Home Away, Baby Half Lie, Fading, Cul de Sac) Temple Street Films/ Prod: Tara Woodbury

AN INSIGNIFICANT MAN, Checker Films/ Bravo / Prod: Melanie Windle / Dir/Prod: Shawn Alex Thompson

DEVILS DELIGHT Rhombus Media/ Bravo / Prod: Larry Weinstein / Dir: David New

THE EXIT Bravo / Prod: Danijel Margetic / Dir/Prod: E.Jane Thompson

BURNT TOAST Rhombus Media & Marble Media / Prod:J.Daniel, M. Homburg / Dir: Larrry Weinstein

DIDO AND AENEAS Rhombus Media / Prod: Niv Fichman/ Dir: Barbara Willis Sweete with Mark Morris Company

SEPTEMBER SONGS: The Music of Kurt Weil Rhombus Media / Prod: Niv Fichman/ Dir: Larry Weinstein. (Co-Designer Michael Levine)


LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN Art Director Toronto Shoot, under Production Designer François Seguin / Dir: Paul McGuigan / Film Engine / Ascendant Pictures /Capitol Films

TAKES THREE TO TANGO Sketch artist / Set Designer under PD David Nicholas / Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow. Starring Neve Campbell

WHERE THE HEART IS First assistant Art Director under P.D. Carol Spier / Silver Screen / Touchstone / Diir: John Boorman, Starring Uma Thurman.

RENEGADES First assistant Art Director under P.D. Carol Spier / Morgan Creek; Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Lou Diamond Philips

MILLENIUM  First Assistant Art Director under P.D. Gene Rudolph / Gladden Entertainment /Artisan Pictures / Dir. Michael Anderson


EXQUISITE VIBRATIONS Esprit Orchestra, Dir. Alex Pauk (Design Consultant, in collaboration with Edward Burtynsky and John Price)

ARMSTRONG’S WAR (Canadian Rep Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)

PACAMAMBO (Canadian Rep Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)

BETHUNE IMAGINED (Factory Theatre, dir.Ken Gass)

FEATURING LORETTA (Factory Theatre, dir.Ken Gass)

APPLE (Factory Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)

THE LEISURE SOCIETY(Factory Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)


AT LAST (Harbourfront Danceworks, chor. Heidi Strauss)

AMAZON DREAM (Factory Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)

CLAUDIUS ( Factory Theatre, dir. Ken Gass)

MISTRESS OF THE INN (Masterclass/Tarragon,dir. Lazlo Marton)

M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art, Media & Design, OCADU, Toronto, Ontario

B.F.A. in Theatre, University of Regina; Dalhousie University, Halifax; Nova Scotia College of Art and Design; Nova Scotia Technical College; Faculty of Architecture; Banff School of Fine Arts – Stagecraft;

OTHER:  Studio Arts Central International, Florence, Italy -painting, drawing, art history, Italian.


In addition to her film & theatre work, Marian maintains a professional visual art practice. She has been been the recipient of both Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council awards, and was a finalist in the prestigious RBC Painting Competition (2001). Her most recent work involves immersive experiential installations and she is also a painter, exhibiting regularly, with work in private, corporate and museum collections across Canada and in the United States.