Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas

Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas Trailer

It’s Christmas Eve, 1967 and Jewish families and friends are gathered for their annual feast of chow mien in Sea-Hi Famous Chinese Restaurant. Seen through the eyes of 10-year-old Larry, the restaurant comes to life in an unconventional celebration of all the most beloved Christmas songs, and as homage to the Jewish composers who wrote them. Delivered by a wonderful and varied group of performers in styles ranging from gospel to klezmer, from blues to show-tune song & dance, the film is part documentary and whole-heartedly a performance-centric film, highly entertaining at the same time as deeply informative.

Produced by Riddle Films, this marks my 5th collaboration with multi-award winning Director Larry Weinstein, who won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction for the film. As with all of our previous projects, an intense, organic and exploratory process prevailed as Larry lead our conjuring with his uniquely genius vision.

Primarily situated within and without a wonderful location, considerable period retrofitting was required as well as special elements added for individual musical numbers. Shooting in May for December necessitated snow dressing for the exterior scenes and embracing the arch aesthetic inherent within the entire project, allowed us to go somewhat ‘Dr. Seuss’ in our seasonal cover. A highly enjoyable project to work on all around.

Nominated for an International Emmy, Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas immediately found a place in the hearts and minds of seasonal celebration viewing. A real chestnut!