Tammy’s Always Dying

A feature film directed by Amy Jo Johnson, stars Felicity Huffman as an alcoholic, suicidal mother and Anastasia Phillips as her co-dependent yet frustrated daughter, caught in a dysfunctional dance between bleakness and ridiculousness. With a deep heart at it’s core, and a vein of wry humour throughout, the soulful black dramedy is situated within the wintery, working class world of Hamilton’s industrial East end. As an appropriate and wonderful contrast to the film’s heart, we fully embraced the faded colours of the season, the hard texture of steel and concrete, the cheap wood panelling, and the fake glitz that fills Tammy’s world.

With a limited budget, and demanding shooting schedule, the film was a challenging one for the Art Dept. but when the script, the Director and actors are as excellent as they were on this project, it was an honour and a thrill to be part of the process.