Secret Disco Revolution

THE SECRET DISCO REVOLUTION is a feature documentary film about the history of disco music viewed through the glib and playful lens of Director Jamie Kastner. Kastner devises a framework that suggests and illustrates that disco was a conscious and calibrated effort to liberate Women, Blacks and Homosexuals from societal strictures, an effort orchestrated by 3 representatives from each of those disenfranchised groups.

These illustrations took the form of dramatized scenarios situated in the covert trio’s abandoned loft, the headquarters where they supposedly plotted and conjured the meteoric rise of disco during the 1970’s. The trio manoeuvred around the urban landscape as well, so some location work was also required though the majority of the Production Design focussed on the loft / headquarters.

The loft was a found location, a space with wonderful traces of the original Victorian structure. However, it was completely jammed with piles of half-restored furniture and stacks of building supplies belonging to the over-ambitious renovator-owner. And it was filthy, dusty, and dirty. It was up to an army of Art Department PAs to ready the space for dressing as there was no Location Department. It was not a pretty task.

The wry, ironic tone of the film manifested in both the documentary interviews with a slew of Disco greats (Village People, Gloria Gaynor, Thelma Houston..) and clearly also within the dramatic segments. Assuming an arch and somewhat exaggerated approach to the design of this space and the way in which the characters dressed was deemed fitting.