Season for Love

Season For Love - Extended Preview

This Hallmark romance made for television, is set in Texas, as two chefs and former high school sweethearts return to their small hometown. Tyler is a single mother who just lost her job in San Francisco. Corey is the author of bestselling cookbooks. While they compete in the Annual BBQ cook-off, their feelings are rekindled.

Directed by Jill Carter, and shot in and outside of Toronto, the largest challenge of this project was finding locations that emulated the Texan architecture and landscape, as well as believably rendering the world of competitive BBQ, Texan style. This plays out both within a family run BBQ restaurant as well as at the local Fair’s annual BBQ competition, all of which had to be found, built or retrofitted and dressed accordingly. For scheduling reasons, many of our main story locations were split between interior/exterior practical locations thus it was crucial to convincingly dovetail the design elements.

Brisket anyone?