Road to Avonlea

ROAD TO AVONLEA was a television series based on the beloved series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story focussed on the feisty yet soulful young Sara Stanley, after she leaves Montreal to be raised by her late mother’s large and extended family in the pastoral setting of Prince Edward Island.

The series was shot exclusively within studios in downtown Toronto, on a rural back-lot North of the city, and in locations near to Toronto. Shots of the Atlantic seashore and the stunning red cliffs were taken with body-doubles and a 2nd unit crew on Prince Edward Island. Even our Exterior Lighthouse and Cannery sets were built on the crest of an Ontario hillside, suggesting the ocean was just over the bluff. Some post-production composing was used to marry our set pieces with the ocean-side footage but in limited situations.

I Production Designed the series during its 2nd season, during which time we added the Montreal Mansion (which I converted into the Lobby and Ballroom of the White Sands Hotel), the King Family Parlour, the Exterior and Interior Lighthouse and the Cannery set, to name just a few. Each episode involved creating an extravagant or new and interesting scenario and with the period and cultural research that was involved, Avonlea presented itself as a rigorous and expansive challenge.