Paris France

Paris France Trailer

PARIS FRANCE is a low budget, indie feature film based on Tom Walmsley’s novel of the same name and directed by Jerry Ciccoritti. As my 2nd indie film it was a thrill to help imagine Lucy’s story that references the worlds of indie literary publishing, La Nouvelle Vague of Godard and Truffaut, self-consciously arch BDSM, and the Paris of our imaginations and nostalgic memories where we are smarter, better, more beautiful–and wildly sexy and creative.

We shot on location in and around Toronto and in a warehouse office space-studio wherein we built a Paris apartment for so little means that it feels like it must have happened a thousand years ago. But no….we were simply very young, fully wilful and inspired, and could work all day and night. My assistant and I personally stayed up until 4am following a 12 hour shooting day to embellish the walls with writings from the main character’s novel. This can be seen in the MONTAGE reel. Paris itself doesn’t play an actual role until it is seen beyond Lucy’s imagined Parisian apartment balcony, projected as a dated, black and white newsreel-grade shot of the Eiffel tower. The film received a lot of criticism because of the extreme sex scenes and self-conscious cinematic references, yet I loved Ciccoritti’s fully creative story-telling and the implicit irony therein.