6 Gemini Awards, including Best Drama and Best Director.

MILGAARD, is a Canadian movie made for television, based on the true story of David Milgaard, a 17 year old wrongfully convicted of the 1969 rape and murder of nurse Gayle Miller in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Imprisoned for close to 25 years, the film charts the early days of the crime investigation and trial, Milgaard’s movement through a range of medium and maximum-security prisons at the same time as his indomitable mother, Joyce, works an investigative legal fight that ultimately proves his innocence.

The creative team’s visual approach embraced the range of media used across the time span of the story — from the grain of black and white newsroom footage to the washed out colours of 70’s Polaroid. It was important that the visual storytelling conveyed how the small town community was shaken by the violence of this horrific crime and unused to the ensuing escalation of police activity.

Milgaard’s sorry tale of undeserved incarceration was toughly told and benefited from the lack of glossy artifice. Filmed in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba, scenes were shot within Stony Mountain Penitentiary as well as in studio sets designed and all built on a very limited budget.