Love Jacked

Love Jacked Trailer

Love Jacked is a sophisticated small town Romantic Comedy directed by Alfons Adetuyi and written by Rob Adetuyi that evokes the comedic rhythm and reveals of a French farce: it involves a fake wedding, a fake funeral, and a complicated love triangle spanning two continents: North America and Africa.

Maya, the artistic, single, female heroine defies an overbearing father by going to South Africa to seek both independence and creative inspiration, yet once there, she soon becomes engaged to a wealthy, debonair businessman. Complications ensue and once back in California, Maya is forced to play out the engagement/marriage charade for the benefit of her sceptical father, and her large and loving family of aunts and cousins. The farcical twists and turns ensue.

Production wise, we wanted Love Jacked to be warm, inviting, elegant and visually stunning, with a clear demarcation between the ‘Southern California’ and ‘Africa’ scenes.  The visual treatment for the African scenes focussed on intense clear blue skies, deep browns, rust reds, savannah green, earthy hues of the African safari, the bold colors of the African Market; The ‘California’ scenes, many of which were shot in South Africa, focussed on using refreshing blues and turquoises of the Pacific coast, peachy beach sand and sunny yellow, as manifested in the wedding reception decorated with glowing golden lanterns and billowing gauze panels.

The film is a Canadian-South African co-production with the story situated in Southern California (shot in Toronto and Cape Town) with a brief story foray to Africa (shot in Cape Town and environs). The challenges on this project were part of this duel continent scenario as the shooting schedule demanded many all hours trans-Atlantic communications as well as two continent location tie-ins, an example being when a scene shot on the waterfront patio of the main ‘Californian home’ (shot in Toronto), was completed on a beach in Cape Town.

The challenges, however, were invigorating and it was a career highlight to be afforded the South African travel opportunity as part of the project, as well as working with Art Departments in both Canada and South Africa.

I’d return to work in South Africa in a heartbeat, and deeply cherish the experience.