Hello It’s Me

HELLO, IT’S ME is based on the book of the same name by Wendy Markham.  Annie is a young widow grieving the loss of her husband in a sailing accident during a summer storm off the Long Island coastline. A supernatural connection to her late spouse is a primary plot point, and to help capture both this sense of otherworldly possibility at the same time as the freshness of maritime life, the palette was deliberately built upon a broad range of blues and soft whites.

The television film was shot on location in and around Toronto for the Hallmark network and the project presented 3 primary challenges; one was believably creating the feeling of a coastal community; another was to find a house location with charming maritime architecture and the right comfort, character and shootable flow on the interior; the third largest challenge was finding a location that could serve on camera as an empty retail space and in the space of one day be retrofitted and dressed as Annie’s charming French bakery-café