For Love and Honor

In this Hallmark MOW, a by-the-book army veteran (James Denton) takes over as commandant at an ailing military academy, and instantly squares off with the school’s freethinking new Dean of Academics (Natalie Brown). But when they are forced to work together to help save the school–or risk closure–sparks fly, romance blooms and lives change as they attempt to save the town’s long-time centerpiece.

Creating and contrasting both the personal and academic/military worlds of the main characters was a primary focus and as well as bringing the believability of a private military prep school to an unused Catholic nurses residence in Northern Ontario, which stood as our primary location. In addition, local cadet troops needed to be cobbled together and trained in the appropriate and specific rifle ceremonies particular to an American military training, as well as outfitted with the correct training equipment. A great thing about the career of a Production Designer is that we get to learn something new, on every single project!